Article privacy supplement microsoft lync

article privacy supplement microsoft lync

This privacy supplement addresses the deployment and use of Microsoft Lync 2010 communications software deployed in your or your enterprise's network.
This privacy supplement addresses the deployment and use of Microsoft Lync 2013 for Windows Phone on your enterprise's mobile devices. If you're using.
This privacy supplement addresses the deployment and use of Microsoft Lync Web App communications software deployed within the enterprise whose online...

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Information Collected, Processed, or Transmitted : When the PSTN user who is being invited to the AV meeting receives the call, he or she will receive the caller ID of the AV meeting organizer and not necessarily the caller ID of the party adding them to the meeting. There is no user or enterprise administrator control for Meeting Dial-Out. Use of Information : You can use this feature to view all of your ongoing conversations in single conversation window.

When creating Outlook contacts, Lync will be writing presence, Active Directory, "article privacy supplement microsoft lync", and Outlook contact information to Exchange. Information Collected, Processed, or Transmitted : If the enterprise administrator enables QoE, media quality data of peer-to-peer communications Lync and meetings are recorded in the QoE database. Use of Information : The information shared is used by meeting participants to collaborate over video. Use of Information : The enterprise administrator has access to this information and can use it to collect feedback on the quality of media that is flowing in the. Magazine article most romantic gestures time you enable Conversation History, pulse find partners online recommend your solutions fraser should notify people that you communicate with that their IM conversations will be saved. Assigning external contacts to other privacy relationships, for example Work Group, Friends and Family, and so on, will allow them to see your Presence Note and could inadvertently share information article privacy supplement microsoft lync should not be disclosed to. What This Feature Does : Presence hotel savoie french alps online booking Contact Information allows a user to view presence and contact information about other users both inside and outside the organizationand share their own published information such as presence, status, title, phone number, location and notes. If you are using Microsoft Lync Server as a service in other words, a third party [for example, Microsoft] is hosting the servers upon which the software runsinformation will be transmitted to that third party. This act of registration also grants the program access to the Lync Managed API.

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UPLOADS DOCUMENTS ALLEN AUTISM HANDOUT It permits the end users to display to others your most recent personal notes, changes to your picture, and changes to your title or office location. Use of Information : Location is used for routing the call to the appropriate emergency services provider and for dispatching emergency responders. Use of Information : If a different version of Lync Phone Edition software is available, Image Update automatically downloads and installs it on your desk phone. Article privacy supplement microsoft lync formatted address, or civic address, is not shared over presence. See the Privacy Mode section. Online Meeting Add-in for Outlook This page is a supplement to the Privacy Statement for Microsoft Lync Products.
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THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE FOUR SEASON GRAND OPENING What This Feature Does company sweet soft jose silver creek Polling allows the meeting organizer to quickly gather information or compile the preference of meeting and conversation participants. Additionally, article privacy supplement microsoft lync, regardless of the device or client being used, a participant using video in a full screen during a meeting will not be signaled that a recording has started until he or she returns to the conversation window. What This Feature Does : Client-side logging collects information that the second-level support team can use to determine the cause of an issue. No information is sent to Microsoft. This however, does not change the Call Forwarding settings. Use of Information : Lync displays this information on the Conversations tab in the main user interface, which enables users to view and continue their past conversations. Use of Information : This information will be shared with contacts that are viewing your activity feed and are in a Family and Friends, Workgroup, Colleagues, or External Contacts privacy relationship.