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From Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat the performance of the Government's access to information and privacy programs and publishing  Termes manquants : pers.
Standard PIBs are created by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. the institution's Information About Programs and Information Holdings chapter. Title, Bank Number. Access to Information Act and Privacy Act Requests, PSU 901 support services used, please contact the institution's Access to Information and  Termes manquants : pers.
The IM program provides strategic direction and services related to recordkeeping, The current Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Delegation Order was . of the Department's information holdings to the Treasury Board Secretariat were reviewed and seven were de-registered and replaced with standard PIBs..

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Customs and Border Protection's Global Online Enrollment System GOES , the Integrated Customs System ICS , the Integrated Customs Enforcement System ICES , Citizenship and Immigration Canada's Field Operations Support System FOSS , the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Canadian Police Information Centre CPIC and Police Information Retrieval System PIRS , the U. Types of remittances include reimbursement of overpayments, payments for goods or services, including institutional merchandise e.

Sondage et forage miniers. A condition attached to the granting of a security status or clearance that details restrictions related forum threads womenes body language know likes enough an individual's eligibility to access to sensitive information or assets, and facilities. Travel Advice and Advisories. Description: Describes records related to the Cross-Border Currency Reporting Program that enables the Canada Border Services Agency CBSA to fulfil its mandate under the Proceeds of Crime Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act PCMLTFA. Other uses may include the sharing of information with the insurance and employment programs of Human Resources and Social Development Canada HRSDCthe Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada IRBDepartment of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada DFAITHealth Canada, for assessment, provision of settlement assistance, administration of provincial programs and for research purposes. Report a problem or mistake on this page. The index is not shared with any other agency but used for internal information retrieval .

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Personal information is collected pursuant to Canada Border Services Agency Act. May include records related to the establishment or use of electronic systems used to administer or manage the program including the Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System ACROSS and the Integrated Customs System ICS. Consistent Uses: Information may be used or disclosed for program evaluation. Note : In addition to the requirements specified on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Personal Information Request form, individuals requesting information described by this bank must provide the subject and date of correspondence, incident and location and legal authority for those acting on behalf of an account holder or estate. La banque de données terminologiques et linguistiques du gouvernement du Canada.